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Whatever has prompted your job search, Recruitment in Partnership are here to help.  Whether you are looking for a permanent role or a temporary assignment (long- or short-term), we always provide our candidates with a refreshingly straight-talking approach to recruitment.

We understand that the most important thing for any candidate is to find the right job, regardless of who the vacancy is with i.e. Job Board, Facebook or even with another agency. However, at Recruitment in Partnership we take a proactive approach to finding the right role for you by not only contacting our regular clients, but also those who could and will use your specific skills and experience. So, if you are looking for a new opportunity, then please get in touch so that we can help.

Our Candidate Commitment

From the minute you contact us, we will do our best to assist you in the following ways:

On enquiry for an advertised vacancy or if you are looking to change your job, you will chat with a member of our professional team who will go through the vacancy with you in more detail to make sure that you understand the job requirements, any specific skills, licences or qualifications that are needed etc. And also as much information about the company we are recruiting for. 

If you decide that you would like to move forward with the vacancy (temporary or permanent) we will either:

  • Arrange a convenient time for you to come into our office for a brief interview (where possible). During the interview, you will be made to feel completely at ease as we value everyone who wants to work with us, and we will go through the Application forms and take copies of your Right to Work Documents, which are held securely. Our consultant will talk you through the jobs you want to do, if you have any specialist skills or licences, and also discuss any companies you would like to work for and any of those you do not. If you have applied for a temporary vacancy, we will also explain the pay rate(s), how you will be paid, and give you our Candidate Introduction Letter which explains the complete process from working with the client, sending timesheets each week and how you will be paid and when etc.
  • If applying for a permanent vacancy, we will discuss the process which will be that your details will be sent to the client with your permission only and you will be provided with the full details on the company, the job role including hours of work, salary and how often you will be paid etc. And then we will keep in regular contact, letting you know the response from the client, interview times etc. Which we will arrange at a mutually convenient time and this will be confirmed in writing by email. If you are not successful at the interview stage, we will inform you immediately and discuss if you would like us to send your CV to any of our other clients. If selected for an interview and you have attended the interview, we would like to hear your views on the company and the role, and once we hear an offer is made, we will contact you and confirm everything in writing if you accept the job.
  • Alternatively, if it is not possible for you to come into our office for an interview, we will send you our Application Forms by email or post for you to complete and return to us asap along with copies of your Right to Work Documents, Licence(s), Certificates or Training tickets etc. Once we have received the completed Application forms and your Right to Work Documents, one of our Recruitment team will call you for a telephone interview, where we will discuss the vacancies or any other job roles you may be interested in and if you have any specialist licences, skills and qualifications etc. And they will answer any questions you may have.  We will also explain the pay rate(s), how you will be paid and send you our Candidate Introduction Letter, which explains the complete process from working with the client, sending timesheets each week and how you will be paid and when etc.

Pre-Employment checks

In accordance with current legislation, we carry out checks on all our candidates to ensure that they have the right to work in the UK and we require all candidates to provide the following documents:


This must be either an in-date passport, ID Card or a full Birth Certificate.


You will need to provide any one of the following documents if you have an in-date passport but if using a Full Birth Certificate you will need to provide two of these documents: Utility Bill/Bank or Credit Card Statement/ P45 or P60/UK Driving licence (full or provisional)/Letter from HMRC or the Job Centre.


You will need to provide any one of the following documents: NI Card or the Original NI Letter/P45 or P60/Letter from HMRC or The Job Centre/Payslip.

If you do not have Proof of an Address or Proof of a NI Number, you can get one by creating a Government Gateway Account and using the link below to get one document as proof of both:


Please note if you are a non-UK applicant you will need to submit a Right to Work Share Code which can be achieved following this link:


Sickness and Absence Reporting

During office hours which are from 0800hrs to 1800hrs Monday to Friday, if you are unable to attend an assignment or an interview, you must contact us at least two hours prior to your shift start time by calling the 24 hour office number: 01752 858580.

Do not send an email or a text if you are unable to attend as we may not get them and if you have a genuine reason for absence etc. We need to find a replacement if required by the Client to cover you until returning to work or if the job is not right for you, please let us know (this happens as not every job will suit you) please finish your shift and then call us so that we can source a replacement and find you an alternative role wherever possible.

PLEASE NOTE WE PROVIDE A 24 HOUR SERVICE WHICH IS USED FOR EMERGENCIES OR TO REPORT SICKNESS/ABSENCE ONLY – if you have a query or anything related to payroll, we will not be able to help out of office hours. Please call our 24 hour office number: 01752 858580 or 07771798080.

Timesheets and Payroll

Once you have accepted a temporary assignment with us, we will send by email a Confirmation of Assignment which contains all of the information required to start the Assignment on the day, along with a timesheet.

Our working week is Monday to Sunday, so we need all timesheets to be emailed to our payroll team before 10am each Monday morning (if we do not receive your timesheet on time, this may result in a delay in payment) this enables us to check the hours worked against any electronic timesheets sent directly by the Client. Your hours will be processed, and payslips will be emailed to you every Thursday evening.  Your pay/wages will be in your account every Friday.

Quality Candidate Network

We are only as good as the candidates we supply. That’s why we have developed deep candidate relationships with everyone who works with us by building solid networks in each of our specialisms. We go beyond just using job boards and Facebook to identify candidates; we immerse ourselves in the industries we work in, meaning we only ever supply suitable, skilled, eligible, and referenced candidates that will be a real asset to your business or project.  It is important for us to maintain regular contact with all of our candidates, so that we can answer questions and assist with any problems etc. That way, we keep everyone working long-term or until a permanent position arises.

If you have any queries etc. Please feel free to contact us on our 24 hour number: 01752 858580.

Please Remember:

"It is unlawful for any agency or employment business to charge you a fee for providing work finding services"

Recruitment in Partnership will not or cannot offer work finding services under any circumstances including using a chargeable service such as CV writing

The Next Stage

CONTACT US: BY CALLING THE OFFICE ON 01752 858580 (We are open from 0800hrs to 1730hrs Monday to Friday) or send us your CV or complete our Application Forms (as directed).



Application Form Download:
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PROOF OF ID – This Can Be Either An In-Date Passport or Birth Certificate

Passport - Must be in-date, and you must open the passport out completely flat, and the picture must be of both pages (make sure you don’t miss any of this document and ensure that your passport is signed if issued after 2017).

Birth Certificate – If you are using a Birth Certificate you will need two forms as Proof Of Address.


We can accept either a P45 or a P60 or a NI Card or letter from the Tax Office or Job Centre. The documents must be dated within the last 3 months and we can also accept letters from the Department of Work and Pensions (i.e. Universal Credit).


This can be any of the following documents:

Utility Bill: (We are not able to accept telephone or mobile bills).

Bank Statement: (This must have the branch stamp on it).

Full or Provisional Driving Licence: (We MUST have both sides of licence).

Credit Card Statement: P45 or P60 or a letter from HMRC, Department of Work and Pensions or the Job Centre. We can only accept the full page/document (partial documents are not accepted) and all work documents must be based within the last 3 months.


These must be full or provisional UK Driving Licences and we must have pictures of each side and we will also need your CPC, Digi-tacho Card if you are applying for Driving any vehicles 7.5T or above.

If you have any other QUALIFICATIONS; LICENCES; CERTIFICATE; TICKETS such as CSCS Card; RTITB; CPCS; NPROS; Forklift licence etc please can you upload all that you have.


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